Watermelon Pouch 500 Gms

Watermelon Pouch 500 Gms
Watermelon Pouch 500 Gms

Watermelon Pouch 500 Gms

22 servings | 15g protein
Natural and refreshing, a modern take on a classic flavour. Our Watermelon infused with the goodness of Beetroot powder will definitely have you coming back for more.

What does Green Protein help with ?

  • Helps in fighting inflammation

  • Increases exercise stamina.

  • Rich in Vitamin B9 which helps cells grow and function.

  • Lowers cholestrol

How to use

1 Add one serving of protein powder.

2 Take a glass of cold water (~250ml~)

3 Mix Well and enjoy.

Can be added to plant based milks & Smoothie bowls.

When to use

Our Protein can be had at any time of the day and with meals or in between them. As a general rule protein should be avoided before a workout and should definitely be consumed within 1 hour of any strenous activity or workout.

Why is Green Protein better than the rest?

Green Protein Plant Protein Whey
Flavour options
Easy to Mix
Single Protein Source
No Bloating
No Side effects
Lactose free
Diabetic Friendly(Zero Sugar)

Customer Reviews

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Abheek Rawal

Watermelon Pouch 500 Gms

Gurleen kaur

I really like the taste!!

Customers often ask

The regular protein sachets/pouches have 15g of protein per serving to
meet your daily protein intake and the sports protein sachets/pouches have 25g of protein along with 5g BCAA to help meet the higher protein requirements of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The regular variant is lighter in consistency-more like a juice whereas the sport is more smoothie-like and thicker.

In a day, the average adult requires 0.8 grams of protein per kilogramof body weight. An average person weighing approximately 60kg would requirearound 50 grams of protein per day. This requirement changes depending on your level of activity. Therefore, a person who walks/works out for roughly an hour a day would require about 75 grams of protein.

We recommend having our regular variants with water. Some of the flavors like Black Currant, Orange, and Raw mango have Vitamin C which can cause milk to split when used with milk. Our sports variant is again best with water. However, you can mix it with milk/plant-based milk of your choice.