They say necessity is the mother of invention and the Green Protein story is a testament to the veracity of this adage. Realizing their collective needs and a growing consciousness towards eco-friendly and ethical protein alternatives, the founders Madhvi Datwani & Parag Khimani dabbled with the idea of developing a protein that people could consume guilt-free. A product that is nutritionally whole, but refreshing & delicious as well. The Pandemic in 2019 reinforced this ideology that nature and nutrition needed to go hand in hand.


The brand was conceptualized over coffee and conversations with a clear aim to recognize the growing need to switch to plant-based proteins and promoting its use amongst people of all ages. Thus was born Green Protein an environmentally friendly beverage, sourced from plants and suitable for the nutrition needs of the entire family

GREEN PROTEIN is made with mindfulness to accommodate a fast-paced lifestyle so that fitness and nutrition don’t take a backseat due to scarcity of time. Our flavoured protein packs are crafted with love and care and feature a unique never seen before fruity blend of flavours. Green Protein is a brand for everyone who values fitness, nature, nutrition and taste. Gone are the days when protein was perceived as a boring and unpalatable product that only gym-goers needed. You now have a supplement to suit the palate and nutritional needs of young and old alike.
Loved by tens of thousands of customers….
Say Hello to Green Protein and enter a world where nutrition is kind, ethical and fun.

Demystifying Protein

Here are some quick facts to demystify protein and help you understand the role it plays in nutrition

Protein is one of the body’s most basic building blocks and contrary to popular opinion it’s not just for building lean muscle. Protein is also essential for Bones, Skin, Hair and Cartilage.

The lifespan of Protein is only 48 hours. This means that we need to consume protein every single day as our bodies can’t store it.

An average person needs around 1-2g of protein per kilogram of body weight daily depending on their level of activity. To put it simply that’s 60-90 grams of Protein for an individual weighing 60 Kgs.

Why is Green Protein better than the rest?

Green Protein Plant Protein Whey
Flavour options
Easy to Mix
Single Protein Source
No Bloating
No Side effects
Lactose free
Diabetic Friendly(Zero Sugar)