Sport Multi Pack of 18

Sport Multi Pack of 18
Sport Multi Pack of 18
Sport Multi Pack of 18
Sport Multi Pack of 18
Sport Multi Pack of 18
Sport Multi Pack of 18
Sport Multi Pack of 18

Sport Multi Pack of 18

18 Sachets | 25g Protein | 6 Flavours x 3 Sachets
Literally the best tasting Plant Protein with results to match its creamy awesomeness. Now available in 6 delectable flavours.

What does Green Protein help with ?

  • Trial Pack of 18 which includes 3 sachets each of Strawberry, Mango, Mochaccino, Vanilla, Banana & Chocolate.

  • Contains 25g of Protein per serving sourced from Canadian Yellow Peas with all 9 amino acids for promoting muscle synthesis.

  • With added 5gms BCAA for faster recuperation and recovery.

  • A valid alternative to Whey Protein for building muscle without any side effects.

  • The creamiest non-dairy formulation.

How to use

1 Take a glass of cold water (~300ml~)

2 Add one serving of protein powder.

3 Stir well and enjoy.

Can be added to plant based milks & Smoothie bowls.

When to use

Our Protein can be had at any time of the day and with meals or in between them. As a general rule protein should be avoided before a workout and should definitely be consumed within 1 hour of any strenous activity or workout.

Why is Green Protein better than the rest?

Green Protein Plant Protein Whey
Flavour options
Easy to Mix
Single Protein Source
No Bloating
No Side effects
Lactose free
Diabetic Friendly(Zero Sugar)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Deepak Dadwani

Sport Multi Pack of 18

Apoorva .

Sports protein taste like yumm. Its my first protein powder which i have taken and its taste is too good ...i feel so light weight after having it also...


Sport Multi Pack of 18

Navjot gautam
Loved the Banana caramel

This is the first green protein that did not take like flour. And some amazing flavours. Thanks!


Sport Multi Pack of 18

Customers often ask

Tailored for newcomers and those seeking a lighter protein option, REGULAR boasts 15g of protein and is sweetened with Stevia. It's a fantastic entry point into the protein shake world, offering a lighter consistency and a range of fun fruity flavours.

Our fan-favourite, SPORT boasts a cult following for a reason—it's our bestseller! With 25g of protein, it's tailored for serious fitness enthusiasts. Packed with 5g BCAAs and a complete Amino Acid Profile, Sport fuels intense workouts and recovery.

ULTIMATE, as the name suggests, is the GOAT* of our offerings. With 25g of protein, Monk fruit sweetener, and natural flavours, it's a step ahead. Enhanced with 20 essential Vitamins and Minerals, Prebiotics, and Omega 3s, Ultimate is more than just protein—it's the complete wellness solution in a shake.

(*GOAT = Greatest of all time)

In a day, the average adult requires 1 grams-1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. An average person weighing approximately 60kg would require around 60 grams of protein per day. This requirement changes depending on your level of activity. For Example, a person who walks/works out for roughly an hour a day would require about 90 grams of protein. PRO TIP- Use our PROTEIN CALCULATOR to understand which of our product variants are the most suitable for you.

We recommend having our regular variants with water. Some of the flavors like Black Currant, Orange, and Raw mango have Vitamin C which can cause milk to split when used with milk. Our sports variant is again best with water. However, you can mix it with milk/plant-based milk of your choice.

Green Protein's focus on single-source pea protein isolate sets it apart. This translates to superior bioavailability (93%) and a PDCAAS score of 0.93, rivalling whey protein for results while remaining true to vegan principles. In contrast, many plant protein blends rely on combinations of pea, rice, and other sources, often leading to lower bioavailability (65-70% only) and potentially less optimal results. Green Protein's Sport & Ultimate options are excellent for muscle building and intense physical activity due to this higher protein absorption.

Green Protein contains all 9 essential amino acids which the body can’t produce on its own.

You can have our protein anytime throughout the day, however, protein is best consumed POST a workout. As a rule, protein should ideally NOT be consumed Pre-workout

Protein helps in building muscles and is effective in maintaining a healthy weight. Additionally, protein is also good for your hair, skin, and nails. Green Protein, in particular, contains pea protein which is known for its weight loss properties. It doesn't aid with weight gain.

Absolutely! All our products contain zero sugar and can be safely consumed by Type 1/ Type 2 diabetics. We use a natural sweetener, Stevia, which does not cause an insulin spike.

We have several pregnant and lactating women using our products regularly. None of the ingredients used by us are contraindicated in either pregnancy or during lactation. However do cross check the ingredient list with your health practitioner to be doubly sure.

Regular 500 gms Pouch - 22 Servings

Regular 1Kg Pouch - 44 Servings

Sport 1Kg Pouch - 30 Servings

Ultimate 1Kg Pouch - 28 Servings

Green Protein may feel slightly chalky due to its plant-based nature. Unlike whey protein, plant proteins are not always fully water-soluble, which can affect their texture. Moreover, they have a very high natural dietary fibre content, which is great for digestion, but can add to the general feeling of chalkiness.
However, compared to other plant-based protein options, Green Protein stands out for its superior quality. Most other brands, use a blend of multiple protein sources, resulting in a chalkier texture and poor absorption or bioavailability. Green Protein utilizes Canadian Pea Protein Isolate, known for its easier digestibility and higher absorption rates. Although you may notice a slight difference in texture compared to traditional proteins, rest assured that Green Protein prioritizes taste and efficacy. For optimal results, mix it with cold water and consume immediately. Plus, with Green Protein, you won't experience the bloating often associated with other protein supplements.
So, while the texture may require a little adjustment, the benefits far outweigh any initial differences.